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Version: 5.11.8


How to Set Rankings and Mail

Start game

The game must be played and data must be generated to activate the table and column of the ranking field.
Therefore, create a ranking after starting the game once.

Create a ranking

As seen in the screen below, if the UI that informs the non-existence of the ranking appears, create a ranking in BACKND Console > Ranking.

  • Type: user ranking
  • Ranking name: level
  • Reset period: accumulative ranking
  • Table: UserData
  • Column: Level
  • Additional field: none
  • Sorting: descending order

Send mail

To send the mail, you must go to Chart Management and change the mail function of some charts to 'Use.'

Go to Chart Management and click the Edit button on the right to change the mail function to 'Use.'

Mail that can be sent includes 'forPost', 'weaponChart', and 'itemChart.'

Mail Management > Create mail

Click 'Create mail' in Mail Management and add an item to use the chart information and register the mail reward.
You will not be able to see the reward in the game as it is sent, so it is recommended you log into the game again.