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Version: 5.11.6


public string Country {get; private set;}
public string City {get; private set;}
public string Region {get; private set;}
public string Language {get; private set;}


Check the cached my location information.

The following three cases indicate that the location information could not loaded:

  • When BACKND's inspector value (Auto Load Location Properties) is unchecked
  • When BackendCustomSettings's autoLoadLocationProperties is declared false
  • When a method call-related problem occurred during the initialization and the "Load my location information" method was not called

If an error occurs while loading the location information, the following log is printed:

Backend LocationProperties Update : False

If the country information was not loaded, all values are become string.Empty.


Debug.Log("Country name : " + Backend.LocationProperties.Country);


Debug.Log("City name : " + Backend.LocationProperties.City);


Debug.Log("Region name : " + Backend.LocationProperties.Region);


Debug.Log("Language name : " + Backend.LocationProperties.Language);