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Version: 5.11.6

Difference with the previous random lookup functions


The previous random lookup methods in service(GetRandomUserInfo and GetRandomGuildInfoV3) have the following issues:

  • Tends to use a large amount of DB during random lookup
  • Response is slow during random lookup
  • Increased DB usage and delayed response speed with more data

To resolve such issues, new random lookup functions have been developed.

The new random lookup functions will not automatically include data or provide table information like the existing versions. However, significant improvements have been made to its DB usage and response speed, and it enables the insertion and deletion of desired data.


Old VersionNew Version
Response speedSlow(takes 1 sec or more on average)Fast(takes no more than 0.5 sec on average)
DB usageLarge
Increases according to the size of data
Does not increase according to the size of data
Data insertionAutomatically included in the random range upon inserting game information DBDesired data can be inserted
Data lookup Looks up from all the data in the game information management table Looks up only the necessary values from the table exclusive for random lookup
How the gap is usedLooks up by increasing/decreasing scores according to the gap based on the score Looks up by increasing/decreasing placements according to the gap based on the rank
Deletion methodDeletes the rowUses the random lookup data deletion method