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Version: 5.11.6


public BackendReturnObject GetAllChartAndSaveV2(bool isChartKeyIsName);


isChartKeyIsNameboolWhether to use the chart name as the key value of the chart to be saved

true : Use the chart name specified in BACKND Console as the key value
false : Use the chart's {uuid/id} as the key value


Calls and saves the currently applied file from all charts created in BACKND Console.

  • Depending on the parameters entered, the chart ID or the chart name set in BACKND Console is applied as the key.
  • The content of the currently applied chart file is saved as the value.
  • If there is no currently applied chart, it will not be saved.

Differences with GetAllChartAndSave

There are a few differences between this method and GetAllChartAndSave().

  • Charts where files cannot be applied are excluded
  • JSON return values do not have the 'old' column.
Note on migration from GetAllChartAndSave

Check the following when migrating from the GetAllChartAndSave() method to the GetAllChartAndSaveV2() method:

  • If 'old' is used for parsing JSON(e.g., json["rows"][0]["S"]["old"].ToString())
  • If there is a logic for charts without files applied





Backend.Chart.GetAllChartAndSaveV2(true, callback =>
// Post-process


SendQueue.Enqueue(Backend.Chart.GetAllChartAndSaveV2, true, callback =>
// Post-process

Return cases

Success cases

When the lookup is successful
statusCode : 200

returnValue : refer to GetReturnValuetoJSON


// Chart name
chartName: { S: "Monster chart" },
// Chart description
chartExplain: { NULL: true },
// Applied chart file id(if present)
selectedChartFileId: { N: "47" },
chartName: { S: "ItemChart" },
chartExplain: { S : "This chart has item information." },
selectedChartFileId: { N: "47423" },

Sample code

public class ChartCardV2
public string chartName; // Chart name
public string chartExplain; // Chart description
public int selectedChartFileId;// Chart file ID

public override string ToString()
return $"chartName: {chartName}\n" +
$"chartExplain: {chartExplain}\n" +
$"selectedChartFileId: {selectedChartFileId}\n";
public void GetAllChartAndSaveV2Test()
var bro = Backend.Chart.GetAllChartAndSaveV2();

Debug.LogError("An error occurred : " + bro.ToString());

List<ChartCardV2> chartCardList = new List<ChartCardV2>();

LitJson.JsonData json = bro.FlattenRows();

for(int i = 0; i < json.Count; i++)
ChartCardV2 chartCard = new ChartCardV2();

chartCard.chartName = json[i]["chartName"].ToString();
chartCard.chartExplain = json[i]["chartExplain"].ToString();
chartCard.selectedChartFileId= json[i]["selectedChartFileId"].ToString();


foreach(var chartCard in chartCardList)
Debug.Log(chartCard.ToString() + "\n");