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Version: 5.11.4

Getting Started

You need BACKND Base to use BACKND Match!

The BACKND Match function is included in the BACKND Base SDK, and it can be downloaded Here.

You need to sign up and log into BACKND Base to connect to the BACKND Match server, and you must have a nickname.
Before calling the method of requesting access to the matching server(JoinMatchMakingServer), call Sign-up/Login and Nickname Change(Creation) methods of BACKND Base.

Depending on the BACKND SDK version, BACKND Match servers are physically separated.
BACKND Match servers that are separated physically do not share a user pool and are not matched with each other.

SDK versionDescription
SDK 5.1.0 or laterBACKND Match server with the latest protocol
SDK 5.0.0 ~ SDK 5.0.xOld versions of BACKND Match server
may no longer be supported when the server is updated.
Versions below SDK 5.0.0Will no longer be supported in Jan. 2021

Using BACKND Match

BACKND Match can be used normally by meeting the following conditions.
Using BACKND Match does not incur any cost.

  • All plans provide the same functions.
  • BACKND Match cannot be used separately from BACKND Base.
  • BACKND Match cannot be used separately from BACKND Chat.
    • BACKND Chat must be enabled in BACKND Console.
  • Users must have nicknames.
  • Service is provided only in .NET 4 environment.


On average, a latency of 50 ms or less is measured.
This is the latency measured when a message was sent from a client to a server, the server sent a broadcasting message to the client, and the client received it.

It may be measured differently depending on the measuring device, network environment, and network situation.