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Version: 5.11.4

Connection to In-game Server

If matching is established and ErrInfo of the OnMatchMakingResponse event is called as Success, RoomInfo and MatchCardIndate of the established matching can be checked.

You can use this information to set the game condition and check the in-game server address and game room token to connect to the in-game server.


This key value is used to check which matching card has been matched.
You can check which matching has been established by using the relevant key value to the value returned by GetMatchList method.

  • If you requested matching by yourself, information on the requested matching may be present in the local area.
  • If you requested matching by inviting another user, depending on the game planning, users except the host may not know which matching is established.
    In this case, by using the relevant key value, users can check the information of the game they must participate in.


The in-game server address to connect to, port number, token value of the game room to connect to, and the success/failure status of sandbox matching are included.
For more information on the relevant parameters, please refer to the Parameter/Return Class Information documentation.

  • You can connect to the in-game server using the server address and port number.
  • You can connect to the game room using its token value.
  • You can check the sandbox matching success/failure status and process game logic.