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Version: 5.11.4


public void Add(string key, T value);


keystringKey of the column to be added.
valueTValue of the column to be added.


Add a column to Param.

  • The key must not begin with a number. If it does, a warning is displayed and it is not added to Param.
  • For value, any value format supported in c# can be added.
    • In SDK versions under 5.2.1, not all data types can be added to Param.
    • For more information on data types that can be added in SDK versions under 5.2.1, please refer to the table at the bottom of the documentation.
  • Float/double type data can be rounded off.
  • For data in dictionary format, an error may occur if it exceeds depth 3.
  • If data in class format is included, private variables in the class are not added to Param.
    Among private variables, the value to be added to param can be set by inserting it as a (property).


Param param = new Param();
param.Add("hp", 512);

Data types that can be added in SDK versions under 5.2.1

Data TypeDescription
int32-bit signed integer
long64-bit signed integer
doubleSigned 8-byte floating point
stringUnicode text sequence with 0 or more characters
ParamParam provided by BACKND
JsonDataJSON data stored as LitJson.JsonData type
(This data format is supported in SDK 5.0.1 or later versions.)
TReference type generic. Includes the random class declared by the developer and all data not included in the above data format.
ArrayData in array format
ListData in list format
Dictionary<string, T>Data in dictionary format