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Version: 5.11.4

Where Clause

When searching game information, you can use a specific column value for your search as well as the inDate of rows.
Searching by the where clause is used for Get, Update, and Delete.

When searching by the where clause, only columns in a table can be searched.
You cannot search by the User ID, nickname, etc.
Searching by nicknames is available when a user nickname exists in a row of the table.

Where method

The where methods are as follows:

  • Equal(key, value)
  • NotEqual(key, value)
  • Greater(key, value)
  • GreaterOrEqual(key, value)
  • Less(key, value)
  • LessOrEqual(key, value)
  • Between(key, begin, end)
  • IsNull(key)
  • IsNotNull(key)
  • IsEmpty(key)
  • IsNotEmpty(key)
  • Contains(key, value)
  • NotContains(key, value)
  • BeginsWith(key, value)
  • Clear()
  • GetJson()
  • GetValue()


// In the user table, you are searching for a table 
// that has backEnd as the key column value,
// the size column value is equal to or bigger than 15,
// and the name column contains 'Guest'
Where where = new Where();
where.Equal("key", "backEnd");
where.GreaterOrEqual("size", 15);
Where.Contains("name", "Guest");

Backend.GameSchemaInfo.Get("user", where, 10);