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Version: 5.11.2

1:1 Inquiry UI

Note - SDK 5.9.5 or later required

BACKND SDK 5.9.5 or later must be installed to use the SDK.
Additionally, the user must log into BACKND to see the internal UI data properly.

Note - File attachment function not supported

The file attachment function is not yet available. It will be added in a future update.

About 1:1 inquiry UI

1:1 inquiry UI is a user interface created using UGUI, implemented with a 1:1 inquiry function.
It was created using the SDK provided by BACKND, and the UI cannot be used if the BACKND SDK is not installed.

You may modify the UIs and scripts used for the object as you see fit for your game.

How to install 1:1 inquiry UI

1. Download BACKND SDK and import it to Unity

Download SDK Backend-5.9.5.unitypackage or later from the developer documentation - Getting Started.
If you are already using BACKND SDK, skip to Step 2.

2. Download the 1:1 inquiry UI SDK and import it to Unity

Download the unityPackage file from the link above and import it to the project.

Upon successful installation of the file, a folder named BackendPlus will be created in the Assets folder which contains objects and scripts that compose the 1:1 inquiry UI.

As for the UI object that is used in the actual project, it is located at Assets > BackendPlus > UI > Question > Resource > BackendUI > Question and uses QuestionUI.

3. Import TextMeshPro(Only if it doesn't exist)

For 1:1 inquiry UI, all text is set to TextMeshPro.

Click Window > Package Manager on the upper side of Unity and open Package Manager.

Change the category to Packages: Unity Registry, then find TextMeshPro and install it.

Upon successful installation, a folder named TextMesh Pro will be created in the Assets folder.

4. Create EventSystem for the scene

The 1:1 inquiry UI is configured with UGUI, and an EventSystem object is required to click, drag, and perform other types of interactions.

Right-click on Unity's Hierarchy window and create EventSystem.
Please take caution as errors may occur when two or more EventSystems exist on the same scene.

5. Change game resolution

The 1:1 inquiry UI is tailored to 1080 x 1920(horizontal) and 1920 x 1080(vertical). 16:9 and 9:16 ratios are recommended.

Configure the resolution from the Game view.

6. Write test script

Write a simple script that creates the UI when the game starts.

Create a script in the folder of your choice, create an object in the hierarchy, and add the script.

Write a script that activates the UI upon BACKND's successful initialization and login.

AsyncPoll during BACKND initialization

Because the 1:1 inquiry UI uses BACKND's methods in an asynchronous manner, you must continuously call Backend.AsyncPoll() if AsyncPoll is true.
If AsyncPoll is false, the UI will function normally thanks to the internal asynchronous processing logic.

using UnityEngine;
using BackEnd;
public class NewBehaviourScript : MonoBehaviour
// Start is called before the first frame update
void Start() {
BackendReturnObject bro = null;
bro = Backend.Initialize(true);

if(bro.IsSuccess() == false) {
Debug.LogError("An error has occurred during initialization. : " + bro);

string id = "user1";
string pw = "user1";

// bro = Backend.BMember.CustomSignUp(id, pw);
bro = Backend.BMember.CustomLogin(id, pw);
if(bro.IsSuccess() == false) {
Debug.LogError("An error has occurred during login. : " + bro);


void Update() {

// If userAsyncPoll is false in Initialize, don't run.
if(Backend.UseAsyncQueuePoll) {

7. Test

Press the play button on Unity to run the test.