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Version: 5.11.2

Installing 1:1 Inquiry Plugin

1:1 inquiry plugin

Backend-Question-1.1.1-dotnet4.unitypackage [2021-06-15]

1:1 inquiry plugin - Remove the file attachment function

Backend-Question-1.1.1-dotnet4.unitypackage [2022-08-10]

Currently, the 1:1 inquiry function only supports Android and iOS, and does not work in the Unity editor.
For Android, only the versions 7.0(API-24) or higher are supported. For iOS, only the versions 8.0+ or higher are supported. Previous versions are not supported for either.

The 1:1 inquiry function is available when the above plugin is additionally installed in SDK 5.0.3 or later.
If you move the StreamingAssets/TheBackend/QuestionHtml/ folder containing the html and css files for BackendQuestion, it will not function correctly.
Please fix the folder to the path.

Additional matters for each platform

Upon importing, the following files are created in Unity:


  • BackendQuestionMain.html
  • BackendQuestionList.html
  • BackendQuestionStyle.css (Assets/StreamingAssets/TheBackend/QuestionHtml/ - All three files use the same path.)


  • Backend.Question.aar(Assets/TheBackend/Plugins/Support/Android/)
  • TheBackend.Question.Android.dll(Assets/TheBackend/Plugins/Support/Android/)
  • androidx.core.core-1.0.0.aar(Assets/TheBackend/Plugins/Support/Android/) When building for Android, if there is a different version of androidx.core.core.aar in Assets/Plugin/Android, please maintain the latest version and delete the old version.
    A storage space permission setting is added to the app upon building, and when an attachment is added to the inquiry window, the storage space permission is activated.
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE are automatically added to the final AndroidManifest.xml.


  • BackendQuestionProcessBuildForIOS(Assets/Editor/TheBackend/)
  • TheBackend.Question.iOS.dll(Assets/TheBackend/Plugins/Support/iOS/)
  • After building, WebKit.framework is added as 'required' to UnityFramework in the generated Xcode Project.
    NSCameraUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescription that define the permission messages for using image, camera, and video recording functions are added to info.plist.
    This message is used when selecting the Add Attachment - Take Photo or Video function in the 1:1 inquiry window.
    The message can be changed through cameraMessage and videoMessage in the(Assets/Editor/TheBackend/BackendQuestionProcessBuildForIOS.cs) script.

Error cases

After importing, the following errors may occur when building or running:

duplicateClasses error when building Unity for Android
This error occurs when there are two or more androidx.core.core.aar plugins.
If the GPGS plugin or Admob plugin is imported, the aar file may be duplicated, so please find and remove the old version of androidx.core.core.aar.

There must only be one androidx.core.core.aar file in the project.

An error that causes the game to close when clicking Add Attachment in the Android 1:1 inquiry window
This occurs because androidx.core.core.aar has not been imported into the build.
Please check if androidx.core.core.aar exists in the Plugins folder.