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Version: 5.11.2

Matching Server Structure

This is a description of the matching server's structure.

Matching server

Matching server is a function that matches users based on their conditions.
Users may request matching in the following order after they are connected to the matching server:

1. Connect to the matching server

Connect to the matching server.

2. Create a waiting room

Create a waiting room to request matching.
The waiting room must be created whether you request matching by yourself or with another user.
The user who created the waiting room becomes the host.

3. Request matching

Request matching.

4. Establish matching

Matching is established when the server finds users who meet the conditions.
After that, the following information is sent to all matched users.

  • Information on the established matching(Matching card inDate)
  • Existence of sandbox match
  • In-game server address to be connected
  • Information on the game room to be connected

Invite users

1. Invite a user

You can invite a user to the waiting room.
To invite, you must know their nickname.

2. The invited user enters the waiting room

The user you invited will enter the waiting room automatically when they send an invitation acceptance message to the server.

3. Request matching

Request matching.

  • Only the host can request matching.
  • If there are 2 or more users in the waiting room, only the team battle matching can be requested.
  • The number of players must be within the permissible number of team battle players.
    • If the number of matching players is set as 4 in the console and there are 3 or more players in the waiting room, you cannot request matching.
      (Up to 2 players can be on each team.)
    • In this case, you can request team battle matching only when there are 1 or 2 players(including yourself) in the waiting room.