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The BACKND ranking feature allows developers to easily implement rankings in the game.
For rankings, you can create user rankings and guild rankings.
In rankings, changes are reflected in real time as soon as the user score is updated.

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Differences between user rankings and guild rankings

ClassificationUser RankingsGuild Rankings
Rankings QualifiersAll in-game usersUsers who joined an in-game guild
Rankings Updated forAll in-game usersUsers who joined an in-game guild
Additional Fields Supported?YesNo
Rankings Operation Period1 day / 1 week / 1 month / Indefinite / Custom1 day / 1 week / 1 month / Indefinite / Custom
Ranking RewardsCan be given to all participantsCan be given to all participants

User ranking

All users in the game can participate in this ranking.

  • Only users who have the specified table when creating the ranking in BACKND Console can participate in the ranking.
  • You can specify and display data other than the user score by using the additional fields feature.

    For the game information feature(table creation), please refer to the Game Information Management feature.

Guild ranking

All users who joined a guild in the game can participate in this ranking.

  • The meta ranking can be updated by all users who have joined the guild.
  • As for the goods(currency) ranking, all guild members can contribute, but only the guild master has permission to use them.

    For guild features, please refer to the Social > Guild feature.

Update rankings

Only data updated using the method exclusive to rankings is reflected in the rankings.
Data updated using non-ranking methods such as game information management methods and guild methods are not reflected in the rankings.

  • Rankings stabilization, rankings reset, and rewards handout proceed every day at 04:00 - 05:00 UTC+9(4 AM to 5 AM, KST).
  • Rankings cannot be updated during this time.
  • Regardless of which ranking period you choose, you will not be able to update rankings during that time.

Ranking reset period

When creating a ranking, you can set the period of operation for the ranking.
Ranking periods are as follows:

ClassificationDescriptionReset Date
DailyThe ranking is reset on a daily basis.Every day
WeeklyThe ranking is reset on a weekly basis.Every Monday
MonthlyThe ranking is reset on a monthly basis.1st of every month
AccumulativeThe ranking continues to accumulate and is never reset.-
One-timeThe ranking period is custom-defined.
One-time rankings are not repeated and are only operated during the set period.
24 hours after the end of the operation period

Ranking rewards

When a ranking is reset, rewards can be given to users who participated in the ranking.
Ranking rewards are sent via BACKND Mail.

  • You can create up to 20 reward brackets.
  • The reward bracket can be set up to the 10,000th place.
  • You can set up to the 3,000th place per bracket.
  • Aside from being able to hand out ranking rewards up to the 10,000th place, you can hand out all-user rewards to all users who participated in the ranking.
  • Up to 2 rewards can be received, including all-user rewards.

Ranking reset and reward handout

On the day rankings are reset, all ranking information is reset between 04:00 and 05:00 UTC+9(4 AM to 5 AM Korean time), and rewards are sent to users via mail.

  • As the ranking reset process is sequentially executed for all projects that exist in BACKND, rankings are not reset immediately at 04:00 UTC+9 but any time between 04:00 and 05:00 UTC+9.
  • When rankings are reset, the data of the column used for rankings can be reset to 0.(You can set this in the console.)
  • Columns specified as additional fields cannot be reset.

    If the column data is set to reset to 0 when rankings are reset, DB usage may occur for the number of users who have participated in the rankings.

Daily/weekly/monthly ranking

Ranking is reset every day/every Monday/1st of every month at the time of reset.

  • As soon as the ranking is reset, the ranking rewards are sent to users via mail.
  • Ranking information is deleted as soon as the rankings are reset and is not stored separately.

Accumulative ranking

In the case of indefinite ranking, the ranks are not reset and rewards cannot be handed out.

One-time ranking

In the case of one-time ranking, the ranking resets at the same time when the ranking operation period ends.

  • As soon as the ranking is reset, the ranking rewards are sent out to users via mail.
  • Ranking information is stored on the server and is retained for one day after the reset. The data is deleted after one day has passed from the time of reset.

Remove users from rankings

You can remove users/guilds from the rankings via the BACKND Console > Ranking menu.
Ranked users will not be removed from the rankings unless the rankings are reset or they are manually removed.

Even if a specific user gets banned, withdraws from the game, or their guild is disbanded, the user/guild will not be removed from the rankings.