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In BACKND, there is admin mail that the admin can send from the console, and messages and mail that are exchanged between users.

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Differences between mail and message

Sent ByConsole and usersUsers
ContentMessages and items(game information)Messages only
Expiration DateSent from the console: 1 day / 7 days / 15 days / 30 days, sent from a user: 15 daysIndefinite(until deleted)

Default mail features

You can check the mail received from admins and other users.

  • Expired mail is not returned to the sender.
  • For each type, up to 100 pieces of mail can be received.

Admin mail features

Admin Mail is a feature for sending specific items to users from BACKND Console.

  • You can set the expiration date of the admin mail from among four options(within a day, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days) and send it.
  • If the mail was set to expire within a day, you can set the hours.(1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours)
  • Expired or received mail is deleted automatically from the received mail list.
  • You can send push notifications to users if you have sent admin mail from the console.
  • You can register 0 - 10 items.

Ranking mail features

When rankings are reset, the ranking rewards are sent via mail.

  • Ranking mail is treated as admin mail.
  • The expiration date of ranking rewards is 7 days from the date of the reward handout.
  • Expired or received mail is deleted automatically from the received mail list.

User mail features

User mail is a feature that allows item trading between users.

  • User mail expires after 15 days from the date it was sent and is no longer available on the mail list after that.

Message features

BACKND provides a messaging feature between players.

  • You can set the maximum number of messages that can be held and the character limit in BACKND Console.

Real-time notifications

The real-time notification feature allows you to check the requests below in real time:

  • User mail arrival notification
  • New message arrival notification