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BACKND provides various guild-related features for the in-game community aspects.

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Guild management

You can set conditions for guild creation and membership within the console.
You can also check the status of users in the currently created guild in the console.

Guild creation/joining/withdrawal

If the conditions for creating and joining a guild are set in the console, only users who meet the conditions can create and join a guild.
Users can leave a guild at any time, and the guild master can leave a guild if there are no guild members.

Guild currency

You can create guild currency that all members can contribute.
Create a special shop using guild currency.

Guild currency can only be used by the guild master.

Guild metadata

You can create metadata that all guild members can create/modify.
You can use metadata to add a guild introduction, or add content such as a guild boss that is difficult to implement with guild currency.

Guild master features

The user who created the guild will have guild master privileges.
The guild master can use the following features independently.

  • Delegate the guild master position
    Delegates master privileges to a guild member and changes the guild master's privileges to a guild member.

  • Appoint/remove vice guild master
    The guild master nominates or removes a vice guild master.
    The number of vice guild masters is unlimited.

  • Use guild currency
    Uses guild currency.

  • Allow/disable quick guild join
    Sets whether players are allowed to quick-join a guild when attempting to join.

  • Register/change guild country code
    Modifies the guild's country code.

Guild manager features

Guild masters and vice guild masters can use the following guild manager features.

  • Confirm and accept/reject guild membership requests
    You can check the guild membership request history and accept or reject requests.
    A guild can have up to 100 members.

  • Expel guild members
    The guild master can expel all members, and the vice guild master can expel guild members only.