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Cash Management

BACKND allows developers to manage game currency more efficiently by managing only the currency that can be paid for through receipt validation.

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This is a generic term for in-game cash(currency), which is a server currency designed to be perfectly reliable.
TBC can be recharged in the game(BACKND SDK), and receipt validation is performed simultaneously with the recharge.
In the console, operators can designate a user and give or withdraw TBC to and from them.

Manage TBC

The console allows you to perform the following features:

  • Register/manage cash(TBC) products and cash items that can be purchased with cash
  • Check receipt validation history
  • Check details such as: Purchase/use cash, or give/withdraw by admin.

Recharge TBC

Checks whether the user has made a legitimate purchase through receipt validation and gives them the appropriate TBC.

BACKND receipt validation is based on the cash registered in BACKND Console.
TBC is given only after confirming that the product ID corresponding to the cash, the corresponding token, and the receipt are valid.

TBC is recharged simultaneously with receipt validation, and the receipt validation history can be checked in BACKND Console.


Items can be purchased through the uuid of the game item, and the user's TBC will be deducted by the amount of the item's TBC.