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BACKND Match is a service that matches gamer users according to its rules and provides an environment where they can play in real time.

BACKND Match provides the following features:

  • Matches users according to matching conditions/types
  • Provides an environment where matched users can play in real time
  • After the game ends, the results are accumulated and stored on the server, and users' scores are increased or decreased according to the game results.
    All of the BACKND Match features can be used without any additional charges.

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Matching conditions

Matching ConditionDescription
Random MatchingRandomly matches all users who apply for matching without rules
Point MatchingMatches users based on the points set by the developer
MMR MatchingMatches users based on MMR according to Elo rating rules

Matching types

Matching TypeDescription
1:1Supports 1:1 games.
Team BattleSupports 2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 5:5 games.
Solo BattleSupports 3 - 10 players.
Battle Royale style is supported for solo battles.

Real-time game environment

BACKND Match provides an environment where matched users can exchange messages in real time.

  • Supports real-time broadcasting between matched users
  • Provides processes for game start/end and result handling
  • Provides reconnection feature for users who lost connection during the game
  • Supports chat service during real-time games(not the same as BACKND Chat)


Latency of less than 50 ms on average has been measured in the BACKND Match real-time game environment.
It may be measured differently depending on the measuring device, network environment, and network situation.