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Logo Usage Guide

  • Games developed using BACKND must display the BACKND logo on the splash screen.
    • For games without a splash screen, it is acceptable to display the BACKND logo on the first loading screen of the main screen when running the game.
    • The BACKND logo must be displayed for at least one second and must be at least 2% of the service screen size.
  • Free technical support, free sections, and other services are applied only when the BACKND logo is attached to the game.
  • In order to use BACKND, the BACKND logo must be attached, and if you wish to remove the BACKND logo, you must have a separate license agreement with the BACKND operations department.
  • You may not arbitrarily modify, reproduce, or use the BACKND logo without the consent of AFI(BACKND).
  • The BACKND logo can also be used on websites or marketing materials other than games.
  • For inquiries regarding the BACKND logo:

Logo application example(recommended)

The BACKND logo is provided in Korean and English. Choose the one that suits your case.
Download BACKND logo pack